As a rough guide you should restring your tennis racquet as many times in a year as you usually play in a week – so if you play twice a week you should change your strings twice a year – but every six months as a minimum. Both squash and tennis strings lose their playability long before they break. You wont realise how bad the old ones were until you get some new ones!

These price lists contain the most popular strings, however, if you would like a string that isn’t listed, please specify and I will order it.
Strings available from Head, Prince, Gamma, Gosen, Tecnifibre, Yonex, Apollo, Ashaway, E-squash, Karakal, Luxilon, Pacific and Babolat.

All racquets can be dropped off and collected at Game Set & Match.

Tennis Restringing


Luxilon Alu Power 125
With Big Banger technology, these strings are very popular on the pro tour. They’re extremely durable and resist movement for great power and optimum spin.
1.25mm blue, lime, red, silver
Wilson Revolve Twist
Newest evolution of Revolve places emphasis on enhanced spin and control. 3-bump twist construction with sharp edges to grab the ball for incredible bite.
1.3mm Red
Wilson Revolve Spin
Featuring a pentagonal cross section and low friction UHMW additive, revolve spin grabs the ball and delivers exceptional bite. This string’s composition amplifies feel and maintains tension, providing a great option for aggressive players looking to swing big and keep the ball inside the lines.
1.30mm Black, lime green
Babolat RPM Blast
Powerful co-polyester strings with maximised spin thanks to the octagonal cross section and the cross silicone coating. Great ball speed out of the frame.
1.30mm Black
Babolat Xcel French Open
Ultra comfortable multifilament string with high durability. Composition based on highly technical polymide fibre for even greater comfort.
1.35mm Black, natural
Head RIP Control 16
A multifilament string with a loosely braided core for a soft and comfortable feel for more control.
1.30mm Gold
Prince Lightening XX
Spring loaded Powerfoil releases explosive energy on impact, with a wear barrier for increased durability. An all round performance string.
1.30mm Silver
Prince Synthetic Gut 16L
The #1 selling string in the world. Something for everyone: good playability, durability and price.
1.30mm Gold, black, lime green
Squash Restringing


Technifibre X-One Biphase
A thin gauge, pre stretched, performance string. Multifilament technology made with elastyl fibre for more feel.
1.18mm Red
Ashaway Ultranick 17
A powerful, lightweight and durable string with a unique zyex multifilament core, offering a soft feel as well as maintaining tension.
1.25mm Optic Green
Technifibre DNAMX
Dynamic power is supplied by elastic fibres and PU DDX inside. SPL2 inside technology innovation enhances sliding of things for maximum cut and feel.
1.25mm Black
Tecnifibre 305
An excellent string with 40% polyurethane for more comfort and maximum shock absorption.
1.30mm Green
Ashaway Supernick XL
The most popular squash string in the world. Nylon multifilament for all round control.
1.25mm White with Red & Blue spiral
Prince Lightening XX
Spring loaded Powerfoil releases explosive energy on impact to produce greater power.
1.25mm White
Prince Super Syn Gut 17
A good all round string made with Duraflex
Synthetic Gut for durability and control.
1.22mm White
Badminton Restringing


Wilson Smash 22
With fluorocarbon filaments to provide maximum energy return and power. 
0.68mm White
Ashaway Rally 21
1000 multifilaments with a tough braided wear layer for extra life make this a good quality economical string.
0.75mm Natural
Yonex BG65
Multifilament core with wrap gives a combination of durability and economy, making this the most popular badminton string.
0.70mm White 


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