Cancellation Policy

If you have any questions about this cancellation policy, or anything else, please get in contact.
Private Lessons, individual or group

If an individual lesson needs to be cancelled/rearranged please give as much notice as possible out of courtesy for the coach so they have an opportunity to rearrange their work – one lesson often involves an hour’s round trip and a late cancellation can really impact on a day’s work schedule.

Therefore we will charge the full lesson fee for a lesson cancelled with less than 48hrs noticeIf a lesson has to be cancelled due to rain/snow/ice then 50% of the fee is payable. If a lesson has started and then is rained off, full lesson fee is payable. If you are unsure about the weather conditions please contact the coach in plenty of time to try and prevent a wasted journey.


We may take photos of those participating in lessons with HoppCoaching. These will be used for end of course certificates, and for marketing on our Facebook page and website. If you do not wish your photo or your child’s photo to be used for this please let us know when you are booking.

Group Lessons on a course

Group coaching sessions will only be cancelled due to severe weather, if it is drizzly please bring suitable waterproof clothing and wear appropriate footwear. If you are unsure whether your lesson is going to be running, please contact the coach beforehand to confirm. The coach has the final decision to cancel a group lesson and will endeavour to contact each player to make them aware of the change (this will often be by text, so please have mobile phones on before a lesson). If a group lesson is cancelled due to the weather the player will have a credit of 50% of the lesson fee for their next course.

If a player is absent from a lesson, unfortunately no refund/credit can be given.

Junior/adult groups are bookable per half term – no refunds can be given once the course has started, unless a replacement player can be found. If a player needs to cancel a course before the start date, please give as much notice as possible – no refund will be given for less than 48hrs notice unless a replacement player can be found.
If a coach is absent for a group session, a replacement coach will be found where possible. If the lesson has to be cancelled, a credit will be given for the next term.


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